This website provides ASCII text files, data, and information for a large corpus of primary source human rights documents published by Amnesty International (1974-2012), Human Rights Watch (1989-2013), the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (1982-1997), and the United States Department of State (1976-2013). In addition to the raw text, I also make available and describe document-by-term matrices, which are datasets that systematically organize the word counts from each unique document by each unique term within the corpus of human rights documents.The documentation below contains more details about these primary source documents and data. The data files and document-by-term matrices are hosted at the Dataverse and github. We will update the text corpus as we acquire new documents.


Human Rights Texts: Converting Human Rights Primary Source Documents into Data
Christopher J. Fariss, Fridolin J. Linder, Zachary M. Jones, Charles D. Crabtree, Megan A. Biek, Ana-Sophia M. Ross, Taranamol Kaur, and Michael Tsai
PLOS ONE 10(9):e0138935 (September 2015)

Primary Source Documents and Data

Text data and replication files



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